About The Film WMD

About The Film WMD

Based on real events and filmed entirely on covert surveillance and CCTV cameras, the feature film WMD pieces together the story of an ordinary MI6 desk officer who discovers deliberate flaws in the evidence being gathered to invade Iraq and risks his own career and even his life to expose the truth. WMD was shot in 2008 and is the debut feature film of writer/director David Holroyd and producer Christine Hartland (patchwork-productions).


2002. The United States and the UK are pushing to invade Iraq. Intelligence sources report Saddam has biochemical weapons ready for immediate launch – the perfect justification for war.

When Alex Morgan – an ordinary MI6 desk officer uncovers deliberate flaws in the evidence being used to support invasion, he has to decide whether to risk his career and even his safety these deceitful web of lies.

A fictional account inspired by real events, WMD reveals what intelligence circles really knew in the build-up for war. Does Saddam Hussein really possess weapons of mass destruction? Does it even matter?

“In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”George Orwell

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